How to shift your offline business to online

how to shift business offline to online

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Now , We all are very much aware that how much important role playing digital marketing in business for their fruitful and successful growth in the world. If you don’t know about this then you can go through Know how important is digital marketing for small business.

so,why late ?

Hurry up to see how you can shift your business from offline to online .

Here are step by step method to shift your business.

1.Buy a domain name for your business.

2. Create a website for your business

3. Work On the website themes and design for its online presence.

4.Think and decide what you want to sell online

5. Get your legal documents fulfilled .

6.Add a Catchy & Attractive Content to your website.

7.Set up Your Payments Methods for your business.

8. Announce your move on social media platforms.

Step 1 : Buy a Domain Name for your business

Domain name selection is the first step in moving your business online.

Always select your domain name with name of your business .Which helps the customers to easily find out and remember your business even though you get online.

It’s also one of the first steps you need to take when you start a blog or create a website.

so here ,are the steps to buy your domain :

1.Choose a reliable domain registrar for your website creation .(like Hostinger,bluehost,A2 Hosting etc).

2.You can find a domain availability checker tool.

3.Always run a domain name search ,so its helps to find whether the name you are selecting for your business is already selected or not

4. Select the best available option for easily remembrance.

5.Now complete your domain registration .

6. Check the ownership of your new domain.

Step 2 : Create a website for your business

As you done with your domain registration process ,now you’re ready to start building your website. Now next step is setting up a site is choosing a suitable platform where you’ll host its content.

default WordPress theme
Default WordPress theme

Now after creation of your website it looks like above picture .

From here you have to start building your website and start to figure out what you want to sell .

Step 3 : Work on the website themes and design for its online presence.

So ,here you have to work on your website design by using simple templates . Always choose a simple ,professionally theme for your website.

If you want to change the theme of your website you can do it later by doing add customizations.

Make sure that it should be easy for your customers to navigate on your website because it also reflects your brand’s personality.

After the selection of the best theme now you can do simple changes like

installation of theme
Installation of theme

1. Replace the default logo on the theme and keep your brand logo .

2. You can also change the background ,font, and navigation menu if you want.

3.Insert or remove content from various pages of the site .

4.If possible always add social media links in header and footer of the site ,so it will be easy to user to reach you in other social media platform too.

5.Make sure display an email sign up form or link in your website.

6. Now ,showcase some of your products or services videos or images in your website.

Step 4 : Think and Decide what you want to sell online

Here , its a very crucial role to decide what you want to sell online from your existing offerings.

While service-based firms don’t have to worry about storage and shipping, small business may have to trim down their inventory in order to keep costs low.

So, its better you decide before creating your website ,that what do you want to sell actually through your website .Is it a product or service.

Taking your business online doesn’t mean you’re exempted from standard legal procedures. In fact, you may have to fulfill a few more requirements depending on how you plan to run your operations. Below are some of the key legal aspects of selling products and services on the internet. such as, Business license ,Doing Business As license and tax .

Step 6. Add a catchy and attractive content to your website

Content plays a important role to rank your website on seo . Because people won’t be able to visit you in personally , the only way to reach them by writing a good content and using some local seo .So, which gives an idea about your business . Add content on the key pages of your website so that people can learn your story as well as get familiar with your products or services. 

Always keep , focus on your:

  • Home page
  • About Us page
  • Product/service page
  • Returns & Refunds page
  • Contact Us page

Here are a few tips on what content to include on each page:

Home page

Your homepage should feature a small description of your business does ,some high -quality visuals videos ,if any. keep some good quality pictures of your products and services.

Always keep some few testimonials from your existing customers.

About Us page

Always post a truth journey of yours ,which create a trust too.

Post your real image to show that there’s a real person behind your company.

Product or service page

Here you can list the details of the products or services you sell. Create a Subheadings, bullets, and visuals are great for improving the readability and layout of this page. 

Visual images gives a good remembrance about your services and product . So, always post a high -quality images with your smartphone or by any photographer ,if you can bare amount.

Returns & Refunds page

Your returns & refunds page isn’t just a box to tick off – it actually reveals how much you care about the customer experience . Use conversational language to tell customers what items (e.g. damaged, lightly used, etc.) can be returned and how refunds are going to be made. 

Contact Us page

Keep your email address, phone number, physical address, business hours, and even social media handles on this page. If you’re using an ecommerce platform, you can also apply a contact form on the page you create.

Step7. Set up your payment methods for your business

In order to kickstart your online sales, you need to be able to take payments from your customers ,for this . 

Always choose a simple ,secure and easy payment method for customers ,so they feel easy to get shopping with your online platform.

Step 8. Announce your move on social media platforms

Now ,the last step ahead to see the presence of your business online . That is announce your move in social media platforms ,so that could help people to get notice your business. As ,competition is high , if you want to stand in this competitive world then,do everything possible to spread the word about your business.

Here are some channels or ways :

  • Email: Email marketing is the best way to get business. Send a simple language email to your existing customers and those are in your email list . Always keep it informative and don’t write lengthy message which may bored them .Always make them comfortable and understandable about your product and service sin simple manner. Never do spamming and don’t violate rules ,which effect the privacy of your customers.
  • Social media: Now you can create your announcement post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and any other platform your business has a social profile on. Include a link back to your website to get eyeballs on your new identity.
  • Search engines: You should start working on SEO as soon as you get your business online, though it take some time to show your presence in search engines. Do keyword research always while writing your content on social media .Want to learn how to do this then check this.
  • Influencers: Influencers are the person who influence people . When starting out, consider partnering with influencers to spread the word about your business. Work with smaller influencers than big names as they’re more effective at getting people to engage and act upon their recommendations. 

Conclusion :

Here you have learned how you can shift your offline business to online ,by step by step method.

Thanks for reading this blog.

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If any more information you want ,you can comment below.

All the best! Great learning Ahead.

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