How To Increase Blog traffic for free in 2021

If you are running a blog or a website then you might have thought about how to increase blog traffic for free in 2021 where each blog is trying to get maximum numbers of visitors to their blogs/websites. This is a common problem that is faced by many people including popular ones. Doing proper SEO for your blog is never enough because there is high competition for every niche and people run ads sometimes to get traction and brand awareness.

And if you want to increase your blog traffic than your competitors’ then you need to do things better than them or find the latest ways that can grow blog traffic for free. And now we are going to see few ways to increase your website’s traffic for free without paying for costly ads and spending too much time on SEO.

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In these methods, I’m going to show you how to get traffic to your website without social media networks like Facebook, Instagram where the organic reach has gone almost to zero. So let’s start now:

How to Increase blog traffic for free in 2021:

Medium.com – 223M* visits/month:

Medium.com is an online content publishing platform where content creators can publish articles on their favorite topics which most curators are ready to read. You can publish an article with a short brief of your previous blog posts and share a link back to your website/blog on it.

With the massive traffic volume on Medium, you can get free unlimited traffic to your blog if you can write interesting stories. And the stories that you publish are also promoted by Medium based on the hashtags you use, and your story can also get free traffic from Google when it is written keyword-targeted.

 If Medium.com’s team finds your stories worth reading for then they will even pay you for creating stories on their platform. So you can increase your income by Medium.

Quora – 552M Visits/Month:

Quora is a question-and-answer platform where people ask queries that can be answered by anyone. There can be multiple answers for a single query and there are 9468146* questions active on Quora. And an approximation of 13,000 new questions are asked on Quora daily, so even if you even answer 15 questions/hour, still you can’t answer them all.

So there is a lot of potential in getting free traffic from Quora, but there are some regulations on Quora where you can’t spam with your blog links all the time. You can learn the techniques that help you in providing links to your website and getting maximum traffic from Quora through YouTube videos. And your answer can be rank on Google SERP if answered right.

Mix.com – 1.3M Visits/Month:

Mix.com is a kind of Social Media Network but a different one from regular ones. In Mix.com, the posts are either a YouTube video/ a blog post/ an article which is linked to its source, so whenever a reader clicks on the mixed post it is redirected to the source of mixed post. So you don’t need to worry about the hashtags and spamming reports anymore.

And the sharing feature of Mix.com is very useful, you can directly share the mix post link via any other networks easily. It is very easy to use and a growing website that is increasing visitors slowly making it one of the best platforms to get free blog traffic from.

Google SERP Q&A:

Do you know that approximately around 50,000 searches happen on Google per minute and Google has an additional feature of the Q&A section on most search queries on its SERP that can be used for webmasters who want to build their brand awareness and also to get more traffic to their blogs.

Search a query on Google and scroll down to see a section called Q&A on Google, if you don’t find one then go with another query and check again. If you find one then answer for the query with a short answer and post the blog post which is related to the query. After answering the query, you just have to take a seat back and watch the free traffic growing from the Google SERP automatically.

Don’t spam on the Google Q&A section all the time as it might get your account disabled and also affect your blog in the long term. Make your answer look like an authentic one and a relatable answer to the query because Google’s algorithm ranks anything that its users find helpful. Among the 3.6 Billion searches, your answer might be shown to 1000 teachers per day or maybe more.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is one of the oldest, yet result driven methods used by marketers to drive free traffic to their websites. Even the Industry leaders like Amazon and Flipkart use email marketing almost every day to get free traffic which eventually gets sales. For websites that have a fewer audience, freemium plans are good to start. But for the websites that have a medium to a huge audience, paid plans will suffice.

Also Check Free Email Marketing Plans in 2021

Email marketing costs are based upon the email campaigns and the other features that the providers offer. The usual cost of email marketing plans starts from 10$ which allows you to send 15K – 30K emails per month. However, tools like Moosend allow you to send unlimited emails to a limited number of subscribers.

Moosend Vs SendinBlue Email Marketing Plans Comparison

So this is all about the free traffic sources for blogs, hope you like it. Thank you for Reading.

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